C5 CDR Analyzer

Designed for Big Data :  

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.0 is designed to handle Big Data. It quickly processes terabytes of data, billions of records on a low end server within seconds. Enables Investigating officers get the desired result set in small amount of time. Collects data from various types of file formats and MS SQL Server database as well.


Powerful and interactive visual analytics :


C5 CDR Analyzer 4.0 is designed for interactive
data visualization which enables Investigating
Officers to visually
interrogate the data using various types of graphics such as forced, circular, timeline etc.


  Geo-Spatial Analysis:                                   


Is designed to analyze the big data geographically. It enables Investigating officers to work on live maps like google maps. Its also integrated with Google Earth tool. Animation of movements on google map sequentially to give a fair idea of target numbers’ movement patterns. Investigating officers can create fencing on the maps to get the alerts when any information links with the given fence. It identifies all the calls originating from a particular fence.

Quick Search integrated with Social Network:  

Quick search interacts with the Social Networking sites. It fetches the data from social networking sites like Facebook for given criteria like phone numbers, names etc. in seconds.


Professional Reporting:                          

It has a good reporting system with great formats. It exports the data to various kinds of file formats like txt, csv, xlsx, pdf etc. It also exports & mails the reports to desired IOs.


                    Customized Query builder:

It has optimized query builder which creates customized & multiple criteria to get the required result.


SDR Analysis:                                        

Multiple SDR Activation Report to highlight any questionable SIM procuring behavior. Time of Activation o f SIM card to help you zero in the most appropriate scenario/number.


User Interface & Theming:

C5 CDR Analyzer 4.0 has Metro User Interface with theming & skinning features. It has ease of access of recent activities.

System Structure:  

The depicted network structure will allow the Investigating Officer to retrieve the user details of every number that is encountered in the CDR Sheet being analyzed, as the data is centralized due to the implementation of the said network it is possible for any Investigating Officer to fetch data from any part of the globe let him/her be stationary or on the go. The centralization of data ensures maximum security to the crucial/critical data & regular updating of data is also made easy as the whole of the data is stored and maintained on a single location and provided globally from there.


C.B.I Special Unit New Delhi
National Investigation Agency
Karnataka State Police installed at various locations throughout the state
Commissioner of Police Bangalore City
Karnataka Lokayukta Bangalore City
>Crime Investigation Department Kolkata, West Bengal
SVP National Police Academy Hyderabad
Crime Investigation Department Bangalore
Cyber Crime Unit CID(EOW), Bihar
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
Commissioner of Police Silliguri, West Bengal
Superintendent of Police Durg District, Chattisgarh
Surat City Police Surat, Gujarat
University of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Nigeria Police
Algeria Police
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CDR analysis software provided by prosoft IT is really good and it is really evolving, there are really good features like geo analysis, common numbers, peacock chart, and playing with peacock chart according to our needs is the greatest advantage. What i like the most is that the response of the technical support team, they are there for you always to help and assist you at any time. this software is user friendly and really good to be used. it will be helpful to all the LEA officers in technic
- Sharath.M.D
  Cyber Crime Police Station Bangalore

C5 - CDR application provided by Prosoft is fantastic. There are various good features like GEO Analysis, Common Numbers, Link analysis, Conference calls, Cluster analysis in different mode. I have solved many complicated crime incident with this software. In my view LEA can improve their efficiency by using this software. Huge tower dump data can be analysed with this tool easily. I personally using this software for last six months only and solved many blind cases with dump data with great eas
- Nilesh Kumar
  Cyber Crime Unit, Bihar

With the help of C5 - CDR application it has become easy to generate various types of report depending on the requirement of investigation officer irrespective of intensity of cases. With the help application analysis may be done with no time, which saves lot of time for the IOs. Especially, the application places very vital role while analyzing tower data, finding common between many numbers of CDRs, provision of watch dog facility to monitor the IMEI numbers are really one of the best options
- H.S. Revanna IPS
  Deputy Commissioner of Police
  North Division, Bangalore City

The C5 - CDR Analyzer has been implemented as a statewide project in Karnataka wherein all the District Police units and Commissionerates have been given a copy of the software to do CDR analysis of their cases pertaining to crime, investigation, surveillance, enquiry. Etc. The software has been quite successful in solving several important/complicated cases. The field officers are finding it quite easy to use and get different types of analysis reports pertaining to their cases. Based on the fe
- B.Dayananda IPS
  Deputy Inspector General of Police
  State Intelligence, Bangalore
C5 CDR Analysis software with advanced visual analytical interface
This software basically provides a suitable platform where in CDR’s can be imported, stored case-wise and the data so generated used for analysis and comparison as per the requirement of the IO. This can be done conveniently, swiftly and in several different ways than what is possible with the tools available in Microsoft Excel.

Ultimate solution for Big data analysis with state of art data security measures.Enterprise editionof the C5 CDR analyzer consist of a server license and a complimentary copy of the client License. Server License would be installed on the server thereafter client license would be installed on a computer connected to the server through LAN network. . This implementation would enable C5 client to connect to the server and access the data on the basis of assigned privileges. Thus maintaining data security would be easy and data is located centrally.


The C5-CDR Analyzer's Professional Edition is capable of working as a client to the server in local network as well as this edition also can be used as stand-alone; required data from the server can be transferred into this and can be carried anywhere needed for analysis.


specially designed for the personal use of tech savvy Investigative officers who wish to use cutting edge technology to their advantage. There is an immense need of the CDR analysis software to the investigation officers at police station So keeping in mind the need of such investigating officers and our passion of serving the valued officers we have developed a personal edition of C5-CDR Analyzer which is very affordable yet very effective to meet CDR analysis solution needs comprehensively.

we provide expert advice to various law enforcement agencies working on live cases with CDR related inputs hence enabling them to take the right decisions and provide rapid response in the event of critical and complex situations. Various LEA has trusted us and appreciated our skills and proficiency in providing them timely advice.