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How C5 QUATS is helping fight the COVID19 pandemic through Big Data Analytics ?

Quarantining is one of the important approaches to slowing down the infection. The C5 QUATS solution allows you to quickly obtain information from the mobile phones of for examples individuals in quarantine or people wanting to pass through a border control. In all these cases, knowing their past locations, movements and activities can be crucial in containing the future spread of the virus.


Mobile App

Mobile App with Geo-tagging.

    Mobile app with Geo-tagging and monitoring.

    Get timely updates from individuals in quarantine.

C5 QUATS Website

Robust Web Application.

Robust web-based tracking system. Identify potential risk zones.



C5 CDR Analyzer, telecom data analysis. Import CDR, TDR data and backtrack movements and areas of interests.

Mobile Data Extraction Tool

Mobile Data Extraction Tool.

Mobile data extraction device. By extracting only, the necessary data within a timeframe, intrusion of privacy is minimized.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Advanced tactical surveillance system, implementing deep learning algorithms to detect, track and recognize a Person of Interest in real-time.

Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System

A publicly sourced information platform to help authorities in locating offender who breach curfews or restrictions on large gatherings.

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